About Us

At EGRA, we have a highly skilled team consisting of consultants with financial, IT audit, cyber security, risk management, IT governance and technical IT qualifications. Most of the consultants have been in the industry for more than 20 years. We have been helping companies of all sizes to realise the potential of their IT and management resources.

We prefer a personal touch to the consulting business, and aim to go on a journey with our clients, assisting them where necessary and adding to their knowledge base where possible. Our aim is to have the client in an overall better place with regards to cyber security, IT management and overall IT governance after the engagement.


Every audit begins with a review of your current status. At EGRA we work with you to find your business IT vulnerabilities.


Applying the correct IT frameworks to your unique environment is where the value of a sound IT governance structure will free you up to focus on your core business.


IT security is key to your business success. Once the review is complete, we align your business with industry standard best practices to guide effective decision making.

Legally compliant

EGRA remains at the top of legal compliance to minimise your exposure and risk, from POPI compliance to licencing. Be secure in the know


Our Approach to Security & Prevention

Our approach is a complete IT Governance and risk mitigation  turnkey solution aimed at taking your business from a potential risk to a secure and compliant national corporate citizen.

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