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EGRA highlights the deficiencies and potential gaps in the governance of the ICT systems, while working with you to ensure legal compliance.

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From POPI compliance to cyber security, we’ve got you covered.

With POPI coming into full effect on 1 July 2020, it’s vital to make sure you are complaint with the act, while making sure your business sensitive data is protected from espionage and data loss as best possible, this is where EGRA thrives so you can focus on your core business.

POPI consulting

EGRA goes beyond the Protection of Personal Information Act compliance, we also work with you to make sure your compliance is up to date at all times, while being able to provide you with an Information Officer (as required by the Act) contracted services.

IT Governance

IT Governance aligns the business processes and the investment in technology so your business can begin to thrive without compromising technology. The technology you use must match your business needs. At EGRA we thrive when you thrive.

King IV Consulting

King IV is a key focus for any business to align their operating procedures. Moving from a tick box exercise to seeing outcome based value in IT investment. At EGRA, your business efficiency through IT is key in the balancing act between business compliance.

Cyber Security

Cyber security, or IT security, is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. EGRA evaluates and builds on your current system to identify and eliminate as many risks to your business as possible.

What’s next?

IT all starts with an audit

EGRA evaluates your current IT frameworks and business processes and builds a systematic approach to ensure you are compliant, secure and can perform at your best. Our experts use a multi pronged approach to ensure your core business is not distracted by the complexities of legal requirements. Evaluate, propose, implement and support is where the EGRA team builds your secure future.

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