IT Governance

IT Governance

We engage with the client in an initial review phase, where the overall IT Governance is determined. Although similar to an IT Audit in some respects, this review is much more detailed, as a significant part of it looks at how top management and the board relates to the IT in the organisation. The review can be scaled from a small enterprise, up to a large corporate, and the scope will depend on the requirements of the board, as well as the result of the initial review.

The review is then related to the user of the systems and finally to the IT staff, including the IT manager and CIO. The results are then presented with a full proposal on how to increase the level of governance. This proposal can then lead to a number of tasks, which can include the following:

  • IT policy review
  • IT policy clean-up
  • New IT policy drafting
  • Full documentation implementation (IT policies, procedures and work processes)
  • IT organisational review
  • IT organisation business consulting (re-organising IT staff to ensure a more streamlined service and identifying gaps in the environment)
  • Board and management level IT governance training
  • IT security awareness project (also at the Cyber Security Section)
  • Enterprise governance of IT post-implementation health-check
  • Other necessary tasks to ensure IT governance compliance.

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