IT Management Consulting

IT Management Consulting

Information Technology (IT) Management is the process of managing the organisations information assets.  Traditionally, this involved looking after the IT assets (hardware, software and networks), and ensuring that these systems operate efficiently.  More and more though, the IT management process involves the management of actual data and information, not just the management of the infrastructure behind it.  The Chief Information Officer (and sometimes IT Manager) is now in the position to make a valuable contribution to the organisation’s decision-making processes, as data and information has become a critical component in most organisations.

At EGRA, we are in a position to independently analyse the technological needs of your organisation and help you to decide what systems you will need to ensure that your organisation function optimally with the best solutions available.

As management consultants, we examine the current practices in your organisation and determine how to optimise the processes. We have the experience to recommend the specific technological solutions which will help you on the journey of optimisation.

As we are product agnostic, we will not drive you to buy a specific product, but look at all the solutions in the market, bringing you the benefits and disadvantages of each of the solutions.  We will then assist you with the decision-making process, and help to drive the implementation process, where needed.

We can be a partner in the technology drive in your organisation and help you to improve your processes and optimise your productivity by digitisation.


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